Staying safe on step stools

Posted on 17th Mar, 2014 | By Lorretta Tatham


Step stools are a quick and easy-to-use option when it comes to reaching items stored at height, reducing the risk of back and knee strain usually associated with regular reaching and stretching. An ideal accessory for busy storerooms, offices or workplaces, these compact access tools are easy to move and store away.

In this article, we outline some top tips designed to keep you and your staff safe when using Kickalong step stools.

Inspect your step stools before use

As with any piece of access equipment, it’s important to assess step and kick stools before each use. Check for damage including:

  • Wear and tear on the castors or base that could affect the stability of the step stools
  • Contamination on the step, such as liquids that could cause sticking or slipping
  • Buckling, bending or impact damage that could weaken the step

Inspect your work area

Just as important as examining the step and checking that it’s still in good working order is assessing the area you’re going to use it in.

  • Look out for any spillages or obstacles
  • Avoid using the steps on uneven or unstable ground
  • Check that the area is clear of other hazards
  • If using the step in a busy area, inform others or mark out your work area

Wear the right clothing

Tempting though it can be to quickly hop on and off kick stools when you need to reach something in a hurry, you should always ensure that you’re wearing the right clothing for the job.

Make sure that you wear closed-toe shoes with a good grip on the sole; open-toed, backless and high-heeled shoes are unsuitable. Likewise, using steps with bare or stocking feet is unwise, as the tread on the step can be uncomfortable on the soles of the feet.

Long and/or baggy trousers should be secured around the ankles to prevent tripping or catching.

Store your step stool properly

When it comes to storing step stools, you don’t need much space. But, you need to make sure that wherever you store them is easily accessible to those who are able to use them, and out of reach of those who aren’t.

Tucking the stool away somewhere inaccessible may result in staff members improvising and using other items instead of the stool, while leaving them out in the open can be a tripping hazard and – in workplaces like schools and children’s centres – a dangerous temptation to young adventurers!

Make sure your step stool is good quality

At Browns Ladders, our kick-along step stools are ideal for those hard to reach places and finished in a variety of bright colours. Our step stools come with a 12-month manufacturers guarantee, offering you safety, comfort and convenience.

Use ladders as well as step stools? Invest in some ladder training

If reaching items stored at height – or even working at height – is part of your business, you’re under a legal obligation to ensure that your staff know how to stay safe. Protect your employees and your business by investing in a half-day ladder training course with Browns Ladders.

We offer the following range of specific ladder training courses that could be just the thing for your company:

·         Nationally Recognised Accredited Ladders & Steps User Course

·         In House Safe Use & Pre-Use Inspection of Ladders & Steps

·         In House Ladders, Steps & Towers

Find out more about our full range of safety and ladder training courses here, or use the instant chat function at the bottom of the page to talk to a member of staff about your requirements.

Do you have any step stool safety tips to share? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders!

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