Falls from ladders – a ladder safety lesson

Posted on 3rd Apr, 2012 | By Lorretta Tatham

Before you begin any task involving working at height, it is vital to assess jobs in order to determine what equipment needs be used.

Ladders should be used in situations that can be done more safely and quickly using equipment.

They should only be used for low risk and short duration tasks or where the existing area cannot be altered.

Ensure the ladder is secure and cannot slip by tying it at the top. Have someone hold it at the base, or use a suitable stability device in order to prevent it from slipping.

Remember that if your ladder is over 5m long a person stood at the bottom will be unlikely to stop it slipping.

Place the ladder on a firm, stable surface, making sure the rungs are more or less exactly horizontal.

You can also use attachments like ladder stabilisers. Ladders must be set to the right angle, around 75 degrees. Never work from the top three rungs of the ladder.

Visit the ladders section for more information.

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