Posted in: May 2016

gas safety inspection

Health and safety tips when working with gas

Posted on 31st May, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

Working with gas can be dangerous. Alongside the commonly talked about risks of carbon monoxide,

ladder inspector

Ladder inspections: The key to ladder safety and durability

Posted on 20th May, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

No matter how skilled you are in ladder use, a damaged, unsafe ladder can let

safety hard hat

Could you be doing more to improve health and safety at work?

Posted on 17th May, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

Every day workers risk injury in the workplace. In fact, an estimated 2.1 million working

Basic safety when using extension ladders

Posted on 13th May, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or DIY novice, there’s a high chance you’ll be digging

man drilling wall

Health and safety when working in demolition

Posted on 9th May, 2016 | By Lorretta Tatham

Demolition is the single most high-risk activity when it comes to work in the construction

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